Driving Schools in Bangor

We’ve recently got news this week that learning to drive in automatic cars is growing in popularity. We met up with Alan from Evolved Automatic Driving School in Bangor, North Wales and he told  us all about it. Incidentally, Evolved Automatic Driving School has the reputation of being one of the best driving schools in Bangor. Well, this is what Alan tells us anyway, but then again, he would.

Alan first setup Evolved Driving School 4 years ago and without any hesitation he decided to enter the driving instructor industry as an automatic driving instructor, but not in Bangor but in Llandudno. We’ll get to how Alan set up as one of the driving instructors in Bangor in a moment.

When Alan first established his driving school, he new that there was a demand for people to learn in automatics in his home town of Llandudno. But what Alan was prepared for was just how big this demand was. It seemed that he would get a new enquiry every other day for his services. This was great for business and obviously great for Alan. He told us that at first he thought he was taking a risk by setting up as a driving instructor as he remembers his dad mentioning to him in the early eighties that there was no money in teaching people to drive and best not to choose being a driving instructor in North Wales as a career choice.

Anyway, fast forwarding a fair few years, Alan is glad that he didn’t take his dad’s advice and almost 30 years on, he’s now the very proud owner of Evolved Automatic Driving School and is doing exceptionally well. Alan told us that he doesn’t quite know why his school is doing so well and why there is such a demand for automatic driving lessons. One theory is that there has been an influx of migration to this country from various European countries and other countries outside of the EU. He did go on to tell us that approximately 50% of his clients are from Europe. He said that this doesn’t bother him at all as the majority of Europeans can speak very good English anyway.

So, due to the demand constantly growing for driving lessons in an automatic car, he’s now expanded out to Bangor. This is a great thing for Alan to do as now that he’s personally got a taste of what the demand is like in a different town he can now think about employing an extra driving instructor.

We’ve promised to check back with Alan in about 6 months time to see if he’s right about the demand for automatics slowly increasing year on year so watch this space and we’ll bring you an update to this story.

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