Hi, and just in case you missed our first page and landed on this page, I’d like to take a quick opportunity to explain who we are and what we do. We attempt to bring you all of the latest news and developments from small business start-ups within the driving instructor industry. So for example, we’ll be blogging on new start-ups such as our latest start-up we’ve been following and that is DCJ Driver Training. Amanda at DCJ Driver Training is already known for her pass rate and is all ready getting a good reputation for her business as on of the best driving schools in Rochester already and her business has only just begun.

We’re going to try and Blog about the success stories for independent driving instructors in Rochester, well not just in Rochester Kent but throughout the UK such as areas like Andover where we’ll be talking to two industry experts Shaun who owns Superdrive Academy and Martyn who owns a good training company called Martyn Cowell Driving School

We want to give you the best strategies these independent driving schools are using and deploying in order to make a profit and to succeed in this what used to be over-saturated market. Quite how saturated the market is yet, well we just don’t know but we’re hoping to have that answer for you soon as we go around the UK interviewing independent driving schools.

We also want to bring you updates to the industry such as the very recent changes to the driving test – You can find out more about these changes on the government website by clicking here.

We also want to see what’s trending with driving schools gadgets such as Apps for the iPad or Android devices. What are driving instructors using most? What is working from a teaching perspective and what isn’t working? So hopefully we’ll be trying out lots of products and writing Blogs for them. We know videos are a good resource to use by instructors with their pupils so we want to get all the information about topics like this.

We hope you enjoy reading our Blogs etc.